Calling all Contractors and Developers!

Streamline’s Bob Brown & Sam Polly will be presenting their knowledge of new stormwater regulations at the Humboldt Builders Exchange Friday February 27th. The workshop is from 3 – 4:30pm and will focus on new state regulations for managing onsite stormwater runoff, including:

  • An overview of new permit requirements
  • Examples of Low Impact Development (LID) practices
  • Local LID requirements
  • LID-related lessons learned from a contractor’s perspective


<h1>February 27th, 2015</h1>

February 27th, 2015


Basket of Apples

The typical backyard has an apple tree or two. The apples usually all come on at once and are often best for one use, such as baking or eating fresh, but not ideal for multiple uses. Imagine if you could, on one tree, have apples ideally suited for eating, baking, pies, dehydrating, juicing and saucing. Envision red, green, yellow, maroon, gold and multi-colored apples on the same tree. Now stretch the ripening period throughout the apple season from late July into November and you begin to see the possibilities the skill of grafting can provide you. And that’s just apples…

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