Trinidad Salmon

Mitchell Differding and his 42lb Trinidad Salmon

On Father’s day fishing was a steady pick of nice salmon, with everyone taking turns reeling them in. It was Mitch’s turn when one of the rods suddenly bent over double with line peeling off of it. He grabbed the rod and started reeling steadily, careful not to give the fish any slack. We knew it was a big fish when it took more than 20 minutes to get it close enough to see it, but we had no idea what a real monster it would turn out to be.

My husband Mitch and I decided Father’s Day was a perfect time to take his brother and their dad for a fishing trip. Though conditions started out foggy, by midmorning it turned into one of those rare sunny and windless days on the north coast, and the ocean was as flat as a lake. There were a lot of boats on the water that day, and from the talk on the radio, everyone was having a great day.

The closer Mitch reeled in his huge fish, the bigger our eyes got in shock. Slowly and carefully he got it close enough to net it, and it took two people to lift this ‘king’ of salmon over the side of the boat. After a lot of whooping and hollering, we got out our good brass scale, and the fish weighed in at a whopping 42 pounds. This is by far the biggest salmon ever caught on the Gas Hole, and quite possibly the largest salmon caught off the Humboldt County coast so far this summer.

Fishing is a popular activity for many of us at Streamline Planning. The ample fishing opportunities in many beautiful settings make us feel very lucky to live and work here on the north coast.