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Being involved in the community in which we live and work is a priority to Streamline Planning. All of us want to leave a legacy of making a difference, even in small ways. Reaching out by attending meetings of local action groups, talking to people, taking the time to notice and do something, learning and applying what we’ve learned; these are all good ways toward progress.

One such group is called the McKinleyville Organizing Committee, or MOC. They have been meeting at least monthly since March of 2013, and regularly have between 15-25 attendees. Their purpose is to make a difference in McKinleyville. They are a part of a regional organizing network call PICO, whose motto is Unlocking the Power of People. By meeting with the people in power that have the resources and authority to act, MOC can be instrumental in bringing about the changes wanted in their community.

Last year they conducted a “listening campaign” where they interviewed McKinleyville residents and asked about their concerns and desires for their neighborhoods. The safety of children and bicyclists on Central Ave. was the most common theme in their findings. They are currently working alongside public officials that have committed to the project, as well as the McKinleyville Municipal Advisory Committee, McKinleyville Community Service District, McKinleyville Chamber of Commerce, Humboldt County Public Works and others to see that these needs are being addressed. This dovetails with the $800,000 in grant money received specifically for improvements on Central Ave.

At the MOC’s meeting on March 19, 2014, the emphasis was on developing their leaders. The deeper the relationships between the MOC leaders and the community, the better information they will receive in their next listening campaign. Some of the issues received so far are the lack of a central hub in McKinleyville, opportunities for young people, physical safety, services for the homeless, a graveyard, maintenance of open spaces and nature and a community plan.  At the conclusion of the listening campaign, they will hold an action meeting and ask public officials to attend and make commitments to the project that was of the greatest concern to the residents of McKinleyville. The MOC’s monthly meetings are open to the public and every community member is welcome. For information on the meeting time and place, contact Renee Saucedo, Humboldt Community Leadership Organizer, at

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